Calcium K/D 180's

Calcium K/D 180's
Calcium K/D 180's


180 capsules
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Calcium K/D combines di-calcium malate with vitamins D and K for optimal bone support. Di-calcium malate provides a high percentage of elemental calcium, fully chelated with the Krebs cycle intermediate malate for optimal absorption. Vitamin D promotes intestinal calcium absorption and reduces urinary calcium loss. A 7-year study involving over 30,000 women indicates that combined calcium and vitamin D supplementation promotes healthy hip bones. Vitamin K enhances bone formation by carboxylating osteocalcin. This enables osteocalcin to bind to calcium and promote healthy bone mineralization. Adequate intake of vitamin K1 and K2 may be especially important for optimal carboxylation in aging individuals. By activating matrix Gla-protein (mg.P), vitamin K also helps maintain healthy calcium metabolism in vascular tissues, supporting healthy vascular elasticity.*
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