Multi t/d 60's

Multi t/d 60's
Multi t/d 60's


60 capsules
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Multi t/d is a two-per-day multivitamin/mineral formula providing a concentrated core of nutrient essentials. Enhanced with lutein and zeaxanthin, this formula couples fundamental support with convenience. Furthermore, Multi t/d provides chelated minerals and active vitamin cofactors found in Nutrient 950 and UltraNutrient for optimal bioavailability and utilization.

  • For improved compliance with convenient two-per-day dosing
  • For sensitive individuals Vitamin/Mineral
  • Provides core vitamin and mineral support
Special Features:
  • MacularSynergy Complex
  • Enhances the integrity of the macula and retina with lutein and zeaxanthin. Synergistic cofactors include vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc and carotenoids.
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