Sportea Iced 12ct Case (7 bags per box 12 boxes per case)

Sportea Iced 12ct Case (7 bags per box 12 boxes per case)
Sportea Iced 12ct Case (7 bags per box 12 boxes per case)


12 Box Case (Contains 12 7ct Boxes)


Case makes 84 Quarts
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What is SPORTea®?

SPORTea® is a delicious, high performance beverage formulated for active people desiring a nutritious alternative to coffee, soda, alcohol, and sugary "athletic" drinks. SPORTea® is good news for dieters and health seekers as well.

When SPORTea® was first created by a well known Colorado herbist, he developed this unique beverage with 4 goals in mind:

1. It needed to fit their active, busy lifestyle by being easy to make and consume.

2. It needed to provided them with not only a good taste, but also a bit of a lift, a feeling of sustained energy, whenever they need one.... not that typical energy burst/bust feeling!

3. It needed to offer a real honest-to-goodness healthy alternative to all the sugary, caffeine loaded, artificially sweetened, and carbonated beverage choices in the marketplace.

4. It needed to provide key everyday health and nutritional benefits as well.

What makes SPORTea® so unique, is also as much about what it doesn't contain as it is about what it does contain. The formulators wanted people to have a beverage that was good for a person to drink all day long, much like water, and therefore it was important to them that SPORTea® have no negative attributes.Therefore SPORTea® does not give you:

1. The "surge-sink' let down syndrome so often associated with drinking regular caffeinated and sugary beverages. SPORTea® is a decaff equivalent and has NO sugar! It energizes via overall body performance efficiency improvement and not a riveting injection into the central nervous system.

2. The extra calories associated with juices, soda, or sugary sport drinks. SPORTea® has "0" calories!

3. The potentially negative aspects of consuming diet drinks with artificial sweeteners (see studies). SPORTea® contains nothing Artificial and is 100% natural!

4. The dry unsavory after-taste associated with so many different types of beverages (other than water). that really do not quench your thirst. SPORTea® has a clean and refreshing flavor with no after-taste and truly does quench your thirst!

Premium Grade Imported Teas: Each bag contains a unique blend of the finest imported teas, including black and green teas, and other herbs. They impart a full bodied, brisk flavor enjoyed for their greatly invigorating, thirst quenching properties. The botanicals provide a natural way to satisfy hunger urges during weight loss or diet programs and do not effect the stomach or nerves adversely. Learn more about green tea and review recent scientific findings...

• Siberian Ginseng "Eleuthero": Siberian Ginseng is the second most predominant ingredient in SPORTea®. This premium grade of Siberian Ginseng is considered an endurance builder, stamina enhancer, and recovery drink useful before, during, and after illness as an adaptogen and revitalizer. This is also the case for regular everyday workouts. Siberian Ginseng has also been found to be a stress reliever when used regularly throughout the day. SPORTea®'s Siberian Ginseng's adaptogenic qualities allow it to combat daily stress and the physical manifestations of the strains of everyday living that cause muscle strain, headaches, and body aches. The energy provided by Siberian Ginseng is a sustaining energy without the letdowns that are typically associated with traditional heavy caffeine and/or sugary beverages. Learn more about Siberian Ginseng "Eleuthero" and review recent scientific findings...

• Ginger: Ginger enhances blood flow and promotes better circulation. It is slightly sweet, has a delightful aroma and a warming, soothing action. Ginger minimizes the discomfort associated with colds and flu such as headaches, tense muscles, and stomach pain. Ginger is also frequently taken to counteract the effects of alcohol consumption and office burn-out due to fatigue. Learn more about Ginger and review recent scientific findings...

• Brazilian Maté: This ingredient is a South-American favorite that is preferred over coffee in many countries due to its lack of harsh acids and plentiful variety of naturally occuring vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Brazilian Maté also acts to suppress the appetite while nourishing the body. Learn more about Brazilian Maté and review recent scientific findings...

• Vitamin C: This ingredient is the single most important vitamin for maintaining optimum health and warding off illness. SPORTea® contains a rich supply of this crucial vitamins which the body cannot produce itself. Learn more about Vitamin C and review recent scientific findings...

• Trace Minerals: Potassium - an important electrolyte which helps minimize fatigue and cramping during and after intense exercise. This also helps diffuse stress symptoms. Learn more about potassium and review recent scientific findings...

• Natural Flavors: Only natural flavors derived from botanical and citrus sources are contained in SPORTea®!
• SPORTea® does NOT contain:
- any calories
- sodium
- sugar
- cholesterol
- fat
- artifical sweeteners, colors, or flavors
- hardly any caffeine*
- carbohydrates
- gluten

SPORTea® is the only beverage, other than water, that contains NO negative attributes!All other beverages either have lots of sugar and/or caffeine, something artificial, and ultimately don't quench your thirst.

(*less than 2% caffeine, which categorizes it as a decaf equivalent product)
SPORTea® Preparation Methods
ICED Tea Preparation Instructions:

• ARCTIC ICED™ Method: Place one SPORTea® BIG BAG (from our 7 count iced tea retail box) into one quart of water. Close container and refrigerate for at least four hours (or overnight is great)!*

*Because this product contains elements with natural preserving qualities (such as vitamin C), SPORTea® prepared using the ARCTIC ICED™ method will last for several days in the refrigerator and taste as wonderfully full-bodied and robust as when you first make it.

• Coffee Brewer Method, place one big bag (from our 7 count iced tea retail box) into the brew basket and run one quart of water through the bag. Cool to room temperature and serve over ice. If you refrigerate after brewing hot the tea may cloud.  The taste will be the same.


HOT Tea Preparation Instructions:

• Place one 2 gram tea bag into a 6 ounce cup of hot water and let steep 3 to 5 minutes. The longer the tea steeps the stronger it will taste.

Special Notes:

* Since SPORTea® only gets better not bitter™, you can leave your bags in the water (hot or cold) as long as you like!
* Iced SPORTea® may settle some due to the patented natural citrus extracts in each tea bag. Be sure to stir before serving for peak flavor!

* Try SPORTea® without condiments (lemon/sugar). It is naturally sweet and already has a great citrus flavor!
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